013 - Finding the best rated WordPress themes (Genesis Chapter 1)

best rated wordpress themes
Wordpress themes are the most used themes in the world. This has brought thousands of great and poor themes in the theme market. 

Not knowing how to find the right theme for your website can be a headache.

This post uses online research and the pheromone trick to find the top wordpress themes used by top bloggers.

If you don't have any idea or still looking for the right wordpress theme to use for your blog, then read on.
Let's assume you find yourself in the following scenario.

You have found a great domain name, SSL certificate for your https protocol and a great hosting for your Website. 

You are now looking for a best rated WordPress theme.

If you find yourself in this situation and you are still contemplating on the right WordPress theme to use for your website or blog, read on.
This article tackles the following three list;

1.    To show the Qualities of a flawless WordPress theme.
2.    To show the characteristics of a poor WordPress theme so we can ignore them.

3.    Then finally to conduct online research on finding and probing for phenomenal WordPress themes using the pheromone trick.

So how do we identify or find a great theme?
What are the qualities to judge a perfect theme for a perfect website? These questions are very essential to the survival of a website.

012 - Easiest and Best way to install WordPress with softaculous

If you are looking for the fastest, smartest and easiest way to install WordPress, then using softaculous from cPanel should be your choice.
WordPress is very easy to install. 

Among Joomla, Drupal and other CMS programs, WordPress is used by 26.4 percent of the top 10 million websites in the world as of April 2016. WordPress is also a free and open-source platform used by over 76.4 million websites.

I personally chose WordPress because of its ease of use and fast installation process thanks to softaculous. Softaculous is one of the plugins from cPanel that makes our website installation life easy.

This section talks more about how to install WordPress the smart and fastest way.

WordPress is a free platform, however to get the best out of WordPress, some plugins and themes have to be bought. We shall discuss more of the best themes, plugins and logo branding strategies in chapter 14.

CPanel’s fast approach to install WordPress even makes this job much easier.

There are two approaches to install WordPress, the first approach is to create a database with MySQL which is a database management system, and then download WordPress from their main website to your hosting folder before navigating to that page to install.

011 - How to configure cPanel account, Mail Client and SSL Protocol

Knowing how to setup cPanel configurations for your website is one of the key leverages of a website builder. Understanding and familiarizing with cPanel makes anyone smart and fast during website implementations.

CPanel ecosystem spreads hundreds of web developers, thousands of hosting companies, and millions of domains all over the world. CPanel is not just a tool, it’s a software that empowers an industry.

This chapter discusses the best and smart steps to take as a beginner with cPanel like website email configuration and setting up SSL certificates.

Before we start configuring our cPanel, let us find the importance of using cPanel as a control panel.

CPanel is a Linux based control panel which uses graphical interface to manage and control website hosting functions and automate the processes of hosting managements. Its main function is to speed up administrative components of website structure.
Instead of using console which is very tedious and takes much effort to learn and use, cPanel maximizes productivity with it inbuilt programs.

010 - How to find domain names, hosting, SSL certificate and configuration.

Are you bordered with the process of finding and buying the right domain name for your website? 

Are you bordered about finding the right market for your website? 

What about finding the right hosting service and also the right configuration, tools and settings in order to position your website to the top of its peak?

Do you know that the wrong configuration, hosting services and not knowing all the right tools to purchase for your website and domain name can diminish your website’s ranking value and return on investment (ROI)?

This chapter is an intensive and comprehensive article on how to configure the domain name to your hosting server. It explains some of the top acquired domain name extensions and the domain structure itself.

It explains the characteristics of the hosting server, what goes on behind the hosting server and how these two connected systems (domain & hosting) work. It also explains the reason why using SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol is mandatory when purchasing your domain and hosting.

This chapter also shows the difference between the two approaches when buying domain names. The branding approach and the exact match name approach. The following shows more of what we will be covering.

·        Knowing the right domain and hosting tools for the job
·         The difference between the branding approach and the exact match approach when selecting domain name
·         The differences between domain extensions like (.net, .com, .info, .org etc)
·         Best way to buy Hosting and Domain name
·         Best way to buy SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
·         Best way to configure hosting and domain name

009 - How to select the best market and keywords for your authority website

Choosing a great market for your website is one of the important process to gain real profits and make real money with your website.
The wrong market for your website will result in waste of time and resource.

This is why time, experience, knowledge, patience and extensive research is required to select the right market to create your website.

In the post, “Creativity (Building authority websites)”, we discussed the creative process cycle with talent awareness as the first step when selecting our market.

However, there is confusion with two approaches to the difficulty of selecting whether to use talent as a motivator to market selection or venture capital interest with ROI (return of interest) as a motivator to market selection.

To elaborate further, a person with a great talent on a particular subject or services may choose to launch authority website with this talent.

008 - Overview of Building Authority Website

In my other post, “introduction, the spider technique”, we deliberated on the spider technique, we discussed the purpose of the spider technique and showed how the spider uses the pheromone trick to build the authority spider model.

And how we can use Focus and Motivation to build a strong and will-powered personality. We also looked at the psychology of building authority websites in chapter 7. 

All that we learnt in the previous chapters was to prepare us and motivate us to build our authority website.

Now that we know the whole concept when building authority websites, the psychology behind it, the creative processes backed with motivation, we shall use all those energies we have acquired to build our website.
This chapter is an overview to the guide in building our website. We shall examine the required study guidelines.

We shall also look at how to select the best and suitable market with our talent. Then we shall take a look at how to brainstorm good and catchy domain names, whether expired domain names are still relevant, and also look at how to purchase the name and configure it.

If you are new to expired domains, don’t worry, I will hit it again.
Then we will also discuss some of the top domain name and hosting website companies. We will also go through all the guides and processes in content marketing and copywriting techniques.

007 - The Pheromone Marketing Trick

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker, influential business thinker of the 20th century

This post describes a certain technique the biological spider uses to catch its prey. And this same technique can be mimicked to online marketing.

This technique works like magic if used extensively. I do my best to describe how to use this technique when creating websites and writing articles.

In the introduction post, we discussed about the spider tensile. According to Wikipedia, the spider tensile is described as the weapon of the spider which is strong as steel but light as feather.

It is described as having a natural elastic compound that can paralyze the spider’s victim with a single strike when in its territory.

I was thrilled when I learnt how the spider seduces victims with a cunning trick I ostensibly named; the pheromone trick.

We shall use the pheromone trick by adapting to it tactics and learn from this spider.

This will fascinate and charm our online visitors to our territory too. Territory here can be our website, or attracting them to the sales page of our product or services page. Every single authority figure has a pheromone trick.

It is the trick that mimics their victims, clients or followers to always be attracted to them like the pull of a magnet.

So what is this pheromone trick? The spider uses this technique to trick, influence and seduce other species to fall into its territory.

006 - Mastering Creativity with Website Building

I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user. -- Bill Gates

Creativity is a very general and a diverse subject. In the artistic part of creativity, life can be very interesting.

In this chapter, we shall discuss creativity, the process behind it, why it is very important, and apply it to the website building business.

This chapter discusses the philosophy and psychology behind creativity and uses the idea to arrive at a mastering point where creativity is elevated to charismatic authority as discussed in the previous chapters.

When we are able to build websites with such perception, instinct and awareness, we will be able to build what is called viral websites.
Creativity is a dynamic subject and involves not just rules but original ideas that should be discovered.

However, the principal step in the journey of creativity is how to find our true talent. To be able to reach a higher level of creativity, we must dream, adapt and project imagination to a new realm of understanding.

This imagination should be between the object we are creating and the procedures we are using to create that object.

The connection between ourselves and the object must be one. Metaphorically, we must be that thing we are creating. Be it a website, a product or a service.
With the language of creativity, the object we seek to create must speak our language.
This objects must mirror our image.

Some of the general examples of creative products are enhancing technology to discover new ideas and objects. Another types are expressing our talents in the form of music, beautiful paintings, play, drama or great movies, but in this chapter , we are focusing on the act of using creativity to build and modify websites.

005 - The Psychology of building authority websites.

What is the psychology behind those great bloggers who attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers?

If you find yourself asking this question and want to find out what they do, their secrets and what makes them tick, then you are on the right post.

In the previous chapters, we walked through the advice on focus and how to set goals for building websites.

We also discussed and learnt about how to use a time management system to plan and achieve our goals.

We are now ready to understand the psychology behind building authority websites. You should have a focus mind if you read and took to your heart every information in the previous chapters.
If you still don’t think you have a focus mind, please go back and read the previous chapters againJ.

Having a focus mind, a strong desire with commitment and willpower is just a piece of the whole pie. In this chapter, we shall talk about how to position ourselves to fully understand the psychology of building authority websites.

We shall also understand what really goes on in the mind of an authority site builder.

We will answer questions like;
·       What is the difference between an authority website and a niche site?
·       What is meant by an authority website?

·       What is the mindset behind the experts who build authority websites/blogs?
·       What are the steps and qualities to take, in other to reach the state of mind of an authority figure?

004 - Goals, Tasks and Time Management.

The most important advice any experienced writer will give to an upcoming writer being a blogger or an eBook writer is the first approach or the predefined tasks which are written down before any work is done.

If you don’t set goals, you won’t achieve them. The reason why most people don’t set writing goals is because of the fear of commitment.

What most people ask themselves are: what if I don’t have ideas? What if I am not able to finish this project at the right time?

What if someone else is writing the same concept as I am? The genuine thing about writing is the eloquent and unique nature of a style you pick. 

This normally comes naturally with each individual since everyone has his or her own talent.

The speed and efficiency you choose to write with, and the intense depth of research of quality information you can give to your readers depends on the right goals you set. Without planning and setting of goals, all the above qualities can never be achieved.

003 - How to Visualize and Stay Focus to article writing.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

This article stresses on how to visualize and stay focus on article writing or any other project.

Visualizing and staying focus is very fundamental and essential when we want to complete a website in a specified timeframe or write series of articles.

The way we visualize problems, stay focus, brainstorm ideas, analyze and come out with inventive solutions are the key strategies to reach successful blogging and successful projects.

I introduced the authority spider technique in the preface of these series of articles. And I will like to go further with these strategies.

Before we start using the spider technique, I will also like us to prepare our minds. We need to prepare our minds to focus and concentrate.

This is the first act. All great writers have a deep sense of imagination. And imagination comes from focus and visualization.

002 - Introduction to Authority Spider Content.

Authority spider is written to focus on one single idea; to help online writers and businessmen reach out to their customers and clients or prospects the fastest and most affordable way for revenue generation.

And I explain this idea through the creation of websites and using online marketing techniques.

To create a great website, you need three strategies, a great looking website, which is the design, a strong and fast loading website which is the speed of the website, or how fast your website loads, and a quality concept and content with SEO (search engine optimization). This is what I termed as the Authority Spider Model (ASM).

The authority spider model technique is a concept I projected to help anyone build strong and formidable websites.

This concept is stolen from the species spider and its way of catching prey. The mind is the most powerful asset and you will be urged to use it the right way to increase your writing productivity. I strike more on the mind at how to visualize and focus and the psychology of building authority websites.

001 - Authority Spider Preface


Authority Spider is the book i have written about the best way to launch authority websites.
I have decided to share this book on this blog. If you are a web writer, a blogger, an online business aspirant or a marketing manager trying to gain more traffic to your company website, then you will love these posts.

I have dedicated to show step by step and prepare anyone to reach the goal of a great authority website.

Glad you asked. :)

We shall discuss what an authority website is. For now, let us discuss the overview of this book.

After reading most of the articles in authority spider, you will understand the authority spider concept and use it to pull thousands of traffic and boost your company or online image.

These techniques can be directed to company websites, social media networking skills, and personal profile-boosting.

Authority Spider aims to make practical and challenging years of a struggling beginner and intermediate online website writers become experts in a short period.

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