005 - The Psychology of building authority websites.

What is the psychology behind those great bloggers who attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers?

If you find yourself asking this question and want to find out what they do, their secrets and what makes them tick, then you are on the right post.

In the previous chapters, we walked through the advice on focus and how to set goals for building websites.

We also discussed and learnt about how to use a time management system to plan and achieve our goals.

We are now ready to understand the psychology behind building authority websites. You should have a focus mind if you read and took to your heart every information in the previous chapters.
If you still don’t think you have a focus mind, please go back and read the previous chapters againJ.

Having a focus mind, a strong desire with commitment and willpower is just a piece of the whole pie. In this chapter, we shall talk about how to position ourselves to fully understand the psychology of building authority websites.

We shall also understand what really goes on in the mind of an authority site builder.

We will answer questions like;
·       What is the difference between an authority website and a niche site?
·       What is meant by an authority website?

·       What is the mindset behind the experts who build authority websites/blogs?
·       What are the steps and qualities to take, in other to reach the state of mind of an authority figure?

Differences between authority websites and niche sites.
Niche Sites

A niche site targets a topic based on a set of keywords. These web properties rely on a single income model like Google AdSense, Clickbank products, or physical products from Amazon.

·       An average niche site generates anywhere from $50 to $500 a month. Some more; some less. This might sound great; but this money is far from guarantee. Often, Google won’t like something about your site and it’ll get sandboxed; even delisted. That means you’ve lost the site and your financial investment.

·       Niche Sites are Risky
Most of its success depends on a top ranking from the search engines – Specifically Google.

·       There are countless examples of Google demolishing entire businesses with ONE algorithm update. In addition, most niche sites depend on a single source of revenue. Again, this is risky because your sites can be heavily impacted by an unforeseeable event.

Authority Sites
So what is the meaning of an Authority Website? Authority Website simply is a website that serves a particular market in a society, dominating the market with quality and creative solutions which attracts visitors to subscribe to its mailing list.

It register’s a sense of need offered by the website. This need eventually becomes the website’s brand and creates a sense of acceptance in society.
People love to go to such websites for solutions that are regarded important, current, rated high, socially proven, accepted, practiced and standardized.

In the chapter: Creativity (Building Authority Websites), we walk through all the steps and guides required to create an authority website.
·       An authority site targets a specific market or group of like-minded individuals. 

It differs from a niche site because it’s designed to be the ultimate resource for that topic. Its primary goal isn’t to make an instant sale. Instead the site is used to educate the user in order to establish a long-term (but profitable) relationship.

·       Authority Sites are designed for Long-Term Success. It takes time to build an authority site that becomes an ultimate resource.

·       More product purchases because people trust your recommendations
·       More traffic because people tell others about your content.
·       More scalability because you can reuse content on different multimedia platforms

·       More money because you’re creating information products
·       More connections because people will want to promote your offers
·       More enjoyment because you CARE about your topic
·       Authority Sites Have a Better Return on Investment

So even though most web entrepreneurs like the idea of building niche sites because of its simplicity and short implementation time, niche sites are not reliable and doesn’t last long.

This is why this book is dedicated to building authority sites. It seeks to train the mind to reach that goal.

Now that we understand the differences, let us dig deeper into the word Authority. This will take us to the next level of understanding the whole authority psychology concept.

Authority: The word Authority originates from the Latin word “auctoritas”. According to the Latin meaning as used in Rome, auctoritas referred to the general level of reputation, influence or prestige a person had in society.

This prestige consequently brought influence and the ability to rally support around a person’s will. People who knew the techniques and the art of “auctoritas” had power over society and used this power effectively to change people’s lives.

So we are narrowing our knowledge of authority from the general view to the specific website authoritative view.

In this view, web authority is the domination of product or services to visitors through techniques like content marketing and copywriting skills.
To understand and gain the full knowledge and how to pursue and build authority websites, we should also understand the accompanying synonyms and the different levels of authority.

Any aspired authority person must build their mindsets with the following synonyms. (Power, jurisdiction, command, control, mastery, charge, dominance, dominion, rule, sovereignty, ascendancy, supremacy, domination, influence, sway, the upper hand, leverage, hold, grip)

Authority by Power: Authority gives anyone the power or the capacity and ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the cause of events. (In other words, anyone who has authority must be able to influence the behavior of others through his good deeds or information on a website).

Authority by Jurisdiction: This is the extent of power to make legal decisions or judgments.
You should acquire legal knowledge and be expert with regards to all the legal entities in your field.
Most authority figures are backed and supported with lawyers and clauses of laws that protect them from any legal predicaments.

Authority by Mastery: This is the comprehensive knowledge or skill in a field, subject or accomplishment.
You must learn all the tricks, technical knowhow and be very experienced to reach a mastery level.

This is the measure of greatness in a field. People normally honor, respect and accept anyone with a mastery level of authority by experience. (Normally, it may not be easy to reach the level of mastery in a specific field. It takes time, perseverance and experience. The best and fastest approach is to select a market or field that is familiar with your talent.)

So with the idea of authority by power, authority by jurisdiction and authority by mastery, we have the power to change society, pull followers to our domain and help humanity through our talent online.

In other words, an authority figure is someone who is relied greatly upon on a specific subject or technique in a certain domain or a selected class of people due to their mastery level and expertise.

This authority person is respected based on her expertise and can use this expertise as a power to dominate other people indirectly or directly.
We shall look at how the three types of authority can be accessed in the website building section.

According to the German sociologist Max Webber, Authority is divided into three distinct parts. Rational Legal Authority, Traditional Authority and 

Charismatic Authority. As an authority website builder, its required to understand each level, but in this book, we shall focus on Charismatic Authority because it falls within the spider technique range. 

Rational Legal Authority and Traditional Authority are also very necessary. They are invaluable and can contribute greatly when building authority websites.

The measure of online publishing effectiveness and content strength of a blogger is based on the level or authority he or she may reside.

This is understood well with the explanation of Max Webber’s version of authority. When building websites with this type of authority as a state of mind, our contents are influenced by our mindset and actions. People are affected through the level of expertise we reveal or display on our websites.

Rational Legal Authority is the same as authority by jurisdiction from the previous synonyms.

It is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to legal rationality, legal legitimacy and bureaucracy.

People with this type of authority can increase and contribute largely on their blog or website when they reveal their authority through credibility or integrity.

They are already respected because of their rational legal authority. And they can utilize this credibility to create website and change society.
This is very effective because people tend to listen and take their information at heart.

Traditional authority (also known as traditional domination) is a form of
leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to tradition or custom.

The main reason for the given state of affairs is that it 'has always been that way’. Traditional authority is generally associated with monarchies or tribal systems.

For example, historically, kings derived their authority from tradition. They gained power through a line of succession.

They became kings because their fathers before them had been kings, not because of any special ability or popularity.

They remained in power because it was a tradition in those societies to have a king as a ruler, and subjects did not question the legitimacy of the king's reign over his kingdom.

If we are lucky to find ourselves within the luxury of traditional authority, such power when utilized can influence masses.

And when this type of authority is revealed or shown towards readers, a great conviction and respect is offered. (Imagine there is suddenly the announcement of personal blogs about famous kings and queens like Queen Elizabeth, the Pope and other great dignitaries around the world. And that people go to this blogs just to see the mindsets of these leaders).

Traditional and Rational Legal Authority have to be given through the approval of governments, social norms, inheritance or through academics.
Knowing the level of authority you are exposed to can improve how you utilize and influence people on your website.

When we know how to influence people through authority, then we can work hard with such knowledge.

Because not everyone has the capacity to use Traditional Authority or Rational Legal Authority, we are left with the last and also the most powerful type: Charismatic Authority.

Charismatic Authority
Charismatic Authority is the most powerful and fastest authority to accomplish. And this is the level anyone should start with.

This is the foundation this book is built upon and anyone should accomplish. To be charismatic, we must learn intensely about the lifestyle, needs, wants, problems, topics and what is at the heart of our potential market or society.

Then we create a powerful solution or product that will attract people naturally. If we study our market and come out with an idea that will influence and relate to peoples lifestyle, we will be able to control such domain. 

This version of authority can dominate masses, can organize a whole country in times of war and peace. It can enable anyone to make significant decisions through our display of talent awareness, problem research, competence preparation, solution research, and Braintrust review with solution completion.

When people witness such problem solving skills from our websites, we will be obviously depended upon and respected.

To be able to reach the highest peak of an authority figure, we must be able to transform our natural instinct to suit the instinct of our chosen market.
We must be smart to listen, indirectly feel what other people feel, watch, and understand our market.

We must be a mirror to our website so people can see themselves and the solutions to their problems when they visit.

We then create connection channels to our visitors so they can reach us or we reach them anytime they want or we want.

The difference with authority websites to niche sites in this area is the advantage to create mechanisms, which the visitor can connect with us.
We will then use connecting programs like Aweber, or Mailing list programs to connect to them with quality feeds and information to our market.

In chapter 22 “Mailing List and Aweber”, we will walk through the best approach to find the appropriate mailing list for our authority sites.
Building authority websites can be achieved through work, experience and the approval, appreciation and public verbal and vocal endorsement of people.

We should exhibit a kind of flair that will involuntary permit anyone to talk about us and what we are doing on our website.

This type of online authority is not something we can buy with money. It is something we can buy with time and commitment.

It is not something that originates within a specific range of people. It can be found within anyone. But it has to be discovered.
It has to be exercised, modified, improved, and reviewed systematically before it can change society.

Obviously, everyone is gifted. And anyone can learn the charismatic authority process and start implementing it.

This is what I termed; the natural deposit of a true nature. It is a gift. It is a gift in a sense that we inherited it without any conscious effort.
Charismatic authority simply says, look within you. 

What unique values are you willing to give to the world that only you can offer better?

What are you willing to give to the world that others won’t do?
What do you vigorously do that, only you can originally accomplish better? What do you have to offer to the world from your inner soul that will change the lives of people?

This should be natural. It should be your talent. Something that is wired automatically to your brain and DNA. This can only be achieved when you focus on your talent and skillfully upgrade, modify and practice.

You will end up becoming a charismatic figure when you demonstrate such qualities. You will gain a kind of charisma that will pull and dominate other people to follow you and obey your command on your website. 

You will play a part in the world simply by giving out truthfully what you are made of from your heart unto any website. This idea is what an authority website should portray.

The spectacular thing about the psychology of building authority websites is the translating of talent to a product online. And this talent should be very powerful in a sense that people will be awed, wowed and enticed. 

A great authority website builder is an expert in the dynamics of writing great articles and uses simple but technical tools to build websites that converts and changes the lives of people.

I build more light on Charismatic Authority and how to extract and maximize our authority in chapter 10: Creativity (building authority websites).

This technique can also be mimicked on the website or blogging strategy which I explain more in the chapter 21: conversion rates techniques.

Therefore the psychology of building authority websites is to use charismatic authority to build a unique solution to the market which is very unique and comes from our heart, souls, blood and sweats. 

When we put everything we have learnt and going to learn into our website, purposely to strengthen, grow and improve the lives of our visitors or subscribers. We have attained the psychology of building authority websites. 

Now that we know the psychology, let us equip ourselves with the next trick: the pheromone trick. It is trick that has been practices by our intelligent chosen title insect: the spider. The next chapter talks about how the spider uses the pheromone trick and how we can adapt this powerful trick.

Mastering Creativity with website building