004 - Goals, Tasks and Time Management.

The most important advice any experienced writer will give to an upcoming writer being a blogger or an eBook writer is the first approach or the predefined tasks which are written down before any work is done.

If you don’t set goals, you won’t achieve them. The reason why most people don’t set writing goals is because of the fear of commitment.

What most people ask themselves are: what if I don’t have ideas? What if I am not able to finish this project at the right time?

What if someone else is writing the same concept as I am? The genuine thing about writing is the eloquent and unique nature of a style you pick. 

This normally comes naturally with each individual since everyone has his or her own talent.

The speed and efficiency you choose to write with, and the intense depth of research of quality information you can give to your readers depends on the right goals you set. Without planning and setting of goals, all the above qualities can never be achieved.

This can be termed as written goals. Written goals are broken down into smaller tasks which are also guided by a time management skill. We shall go through this process thoroughly by setting up daily working goals when writing eBooks or creating website.

To the eBook or blogger’s point of view, a goal is a desired result or outcome of work to accomplish through planning and commitment at a specified point in time. 

By setting deadlines, we motivate ourselves through speed, focus and efficiency to beat the deadline. The goal itself is a motivation to focus.
We will be using goals, tasks and time management to come out with a strategy to help speed productivity.

The purpose of learning this skill is to decrease the time spent on writing and increase the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

The process of setting goals allows individuals to specify and work toward objectives. In other to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, time management skills are required to help reach our goals in time. And then manage these goals with a table of time management processes.

Goals with Website Writing.
Setting up goals when writing  should be based on the main idea and purpose of the book. Once you know what the title of the book is, you might as well know the purpose of the book. 

You then break down how to achieve such purpose with smaller parts of the ideas or titles which takes the reader a step further to the main purpose.

Because I decided to tackle how to create a website and eBook with the spider technique model in a single book. I will be using a walkthrough example of setting Goals which shows how to create and launch a website in 3days and publish quality 20 articles in 2months.

In other words we are going to write Goals to a book titled: “How to launch authority website” in that aspect, by the time you will be done with the walkthrough, you will also indirectly know the key points and processes when creating and launching a website. I will be using an imaginary writer or character by the name “Augustus”.

Augustus is an aspiring writer who seeks the best and efficient way to use Goals to set up a writing project. Because Augustus is a web developer, he has decided to write an eBook to help up coming writers and bloggers who can’t understand every single technical detail when setting up website.

From the point of brainstorming the idea and main product niche to the time the website makes sales. And to the point where the website reaches a higher conversion rate with either product or service orientation. 

You must be aware that, Augustus’s example can be applied to any other niche in book writing. In his case, he is writing this book, because he possesses the technical knowhow to launch and create quality website.

Augustus knows all the technical processes to launch a great website from design of templates and also to writing of quality articles. However, writing an eBook about this whole process will not be easy if he doesn’t plan well. 

His first approach was to jot down every purpose he wishes the eBook should benefit it readers. The following are what he wrote down.

Book benefits to readers
·        The reader should know the best and fastest way to buy a domain name and hosting platform.
·        The reader should know the fastest way to configure the domain name to the hosting server.
·        The reader should know the fastest, effective and easiest content management platform to launch their website.
·        The reader should know the steps involved when installing the chosen content management system.
·        The reader should know the most suitable themes currently for most general categories of website product or services niche.
·        The reader should know the suitable theme color, logo and all branding strategies.
·        The reader should know the most used, rated and standard plugins to install on the platform.
·        The reader should know the best strategies to the website pages, the frequent used standard pages, and the best post requirements.
·        The reader should know what is meant by keyword research skills and the best tools to use.
·        The reader should know the best and most effective way to write a quality article and publish the content.
·        The reader should know all the search engine optimization (SEO) skills required to publish an article, and also the on page optimization (OPO) skills.
·        The reader should know the benefits of attractable images, illustrations, Infographic and when to implement them in articles.
·        The reader should know how to setup social network platforms to share their articles to pull numerous traffic with followers.
·        The reader should know the top and best strategy to optimize conversion rates to generate more revenues for the site.
·        The reader should know the top analytics online programs to use and how to use them effectively to benefit the improvement of traffics and conversion rates.
·        The reader should know the best and efficient way to tackle online marketing with paid and natural organic traffics.
·        The reader should know the best and fastest way to build Whitehat backlinks with all the don’ts and do’s.
·        The reader should know the top advertising and affiliate programs online to choose from and how to implement them.
·        The reader should know the best approach to guest blogging and the benefits.
·        The reader should also know the best way to create backup for the website manually.
·        The reader should know various affiliate online payment options like western union, wired accounts and gift cards and which is suitable based on geographical locations.

Even though the above list was written by our imaginary friend Augustus, I will used the same list in the chapter “Creating Authority Websites” with detailed walkthroughs. Because this book also tackles the creating of websites.

As you can see, Augustus has laid down the benefits he wants his readers to get from his book. After writing those down, Augustus saw that he could just implement his goals with the above list and set up a time management process with the list. 

The following table shows how Augustus implemented this list. He was also able to summarize the above list which he later used as the content list of the eBook.

Written Goals (in this column you summarize and specify the above list)
Tasks (Here you explain each goal into smaller task within the length of the elapse time)
Targets (no. of words) you specify total number of words for each chapter
Elapse Time ( as in total number of hours spent on each goal so you can rate yourself whether you accomplished it)
Goal 1. Domain and Hosting
1. Write and explain the different types of domain extensions and their purpose of usage.

2. Write and compare most hosting platforms online and with your experience, list the most suitable for the beginner.

4000 words
8 hrs.
Goal 2. Configuring Domain and Hosting
1. Write a guide to brainstorm, selecting a perfect domain and configuring the hosting platform.
3 hrs.
Goal 3. Content Management System
1. Write about content management systems and the current best and effective one to use for a website.
2 hrs.

Following the above table, I believe any aspiring writer can continue and complete the above table. All you have to do is to follow the trend by summarizing your list of benefits to your users as goals. 

You can use the same strategy to incorporate your choice of writing genre or niche. In the above table, Augustus used the list of his written notes to summarize the Goals, which he will later use as a content list for his eBook.

Augustus used the tasks column to break the goals down into frames of targets. The target column specifies an estimated total number of words required to write such goal. And the elapse time shows the time needed to complete the short term written goals. When you use such a format to write your written goals. You stay focus, you speed up with productivity, and your work becomes efficient.

When you use the above process, you get organized with paperwork and of tasks. You will also protect your time by insulation, isolation and delegation. The above process is actually a motivator to a focus and concentrated mind.

The Psychology of building authority websites