My Belief

I believe something greater than us exist. If not then why are we vulnerable to death when the final time comes. If we are in control of our life, then why cant we stop sleeping. Why do we sleep. The fact that we sleep means we are not in control.


My Probability Law
There are so many variables contributing to the fact that God exist.  My version is the fact of a probability that, if i believe in God and after my death, get rewarded, it will be a plus than not to believe and when either true or false still loose. I WILL TAKE MY CHANCES BELIEVING IN A HIGHER POWER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Dark Matter
Another fact is Dark Matter. STARS JUST DON’T FORM NATURALLY— ‘DARK MATTER’ THE ‘GOD OF THE GAPS’ IS NEEDED. Dark Matter is just the tip of the ice berg. There is more. The universe is greater than our thinking.

We are immortals
We are all part of a single idea: LOVE. Our physical demise will not be in vain. If energy is neither created nor destroyed, then whatever we do today will be left in a time-frame but will never get totally annihilated.

The way technology is rising and spreading with serious intelligence and sophistication, i believe a time will come when every thing we did or our primitive predecessors have done will be displayed like video.

If we can today see stars that have already been destroyed light years away with telescopes, then a time will come when we will be able to also telescope our past lives with our atmospheric signatures. All we need to do is to discover the right tool to recapture these signatures and decode them like the way our physical actions can be recorded on video with magnet and light sensors.

My belief is simply based on the notion that, life is beautiful, hopeful and fulfilled when we toil for others. It is only when we do something good for others that our soul lives on.

I believe that i will survive again, even after this life, the next existence will not be in this physical realm but in a higher dimension. Why, i cant prove it now, but the fact that this consciousness am writing with exist tells me i have always been part of the universe and will continue to be.

So go one live life, love others, be thankful. LIFE IS GREAT :)