About Me

I am an artist by birth. I just cant remember the first time i held a pencil in my art to draw. It's a very long time. I have stopped doing it for years now. I really wish to go back after my current project.

I am now a programmer. I have been writing programs for about 9 years now. I really love it. The fact that i can just write instructions for the computer to listen, and execute makes me feel like a small god creating beings to work in a computer.

I love to write with php, javascript, jquery, asp.net, vb, c++ and csharp. I have recently started doing a little bit about python because of a small hacking skills. Python is very simple and powerful like c++.

I just want to do something rewarding to people for years when am gone. Yes because at the end of the day we are all passing by.

This blog is a foot print and a signature of my ideas and programing life. And i really want to start my pencil art too.

So basically i will update here about what am doing and what i want to do to help this wonderful world of us.