006 - Mastering Creativity with Website Building

I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user. -- Bill Gates

Creativity is a very general and a diverse subject. In the artistic part of creativity, life can be very interesting.

In this chapter, we shall discuss creativity, the process behind it, why it is very important, and apply it to the website building business.

This chapter discusses the philosophy and psychology behind creativity and uses the idea to arrive at a mastering point where creativity is elevated to charismatic authority as discussed in the previous chapters.

When we are able to build websites with such perception, instinct and awareness, we will be able to build what is called viral websites.
Creativity is a dynamic subject and involves not just rules but original ideas that should be discovered.

However, the principal step in the journey of creativity is how to find our true talent. To be able to reach a higher level of creativity, we must dream, adapt and project imagination to a new realm of understanding.

This imagination should be between the object we are creating and the procedures we are using to create that object.

The connection between ourselves and the object must be one. Metaphorically, we must be that thing we are creating. Be it a website, a product or a service.
With the language of creativity, the object we seek to create must speak our language.
This objects must mirror our image.

Some of the general examples of creative products are enhancing technology to discover new ideas and objects. Another types are expressing our talents in the form of music, beautiful paintings, play, drama or great movies, but in this chapter , we are focusing on the act of using creativity to build and modify websites.

In fact, there are so many beautiful and creative websites out there in the World Wide Web. A higher level of creativity contributes a greater part of online conversion rate.
And an online conversion rate is a faster way to use copywriter techniques to increase revenues online.

A site with a higher creative process is regarded very professional and respected. A well creative site get more visitors and sells things easy. People turn to like such websites and spend most of their time there.

Such websites have a tendency to reach thousands of visitors and even millions.
To be able to come out with such websites, we must create a website that enchants and challenges people to meet their desires and wishes.

And the best approach is to use creativity.

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg then in Harvard’s Kirkland house loved the idea of creating online services for fun. He created a web program called Course Match.

The idea was to help students pick classes based on who else was taking them.
You could click on a course to see who was signed up, or click on a person to see the courses he or she was taking.

If a cute girl sat next to you in Topology, you could look up next semester’s Differential Geometry course to see if she had enrolled in that as well, or you could just look under her name for the courses she had enrolled in.

Hundreds of students immediately began using Course Match.
The status-conscious students of Harvard felt very differently about a class depending on who was in it. Zuckerberg had written a program they wanted to use.

As Mark Zuckerberg stated himself “You could link to people through things”.
Mark thought deeply about how people like to connect to each other through things and used this idea to create a related web program.

The most important aspect of creativity is directing your talents to what people want or in need or might use extensively.

Talent must satisfy the society with good benefits and improves their lives through efficiency, satisfaction and fulfillments
That is what Mark Zuckerberg did. Mark furthered his idea by creating another program with the same goal of connecting people called facemash.

Its purpose: figure out who was the hottest person on campus. And create a process to rate them. As their rating got hotter, their picture would be compared to hotter and hotter people.

Facemash wasn’t successful but mark didn’t give up. His next project, facebook, became a masterpiece and as am writing this book, connects to more than 1 billion users worldwide.

This story signifies how small ideas if modified and upgraded with creative mechanisms can turn to change people’s lives.

We shall look at the importance of using creativity to connect people directly or indirectly through our websites.

And then focus on using our natural talents and using creative processes to upgrade, modify and master our websites.

Generally, the basic definition of creativity is based on the phenomenon where something new and valuable is formed.

And this item which is formed can be grouped into tangible or intangible.
To be able to manufacture our creative process well through the building of websites, we must understand how to visualize every single object we create and innovate.

We must identify whether the item we create online is either tangible or intangible.
Then we will use creativity to originally bring up an idea that will make our website unique to other competitors.

Tangible items directed to website building during creativity can be a new product invention, or a review of products online.

As we discussed in the pheromone trick chapter. By using creativity, we can produce a unique product or services which will be directed to solve problems in our markets.
We can then use the fetched emails from our subscribers to send our visitors our creative products.

Creativity is one of the highest techniques to make passive income from our subscribers.

Intangible items directed to website building can be an idea, a scientific theory, music, digital artwork, software or digital products like EBooks, novels and videos or movies.
However, the most important thing is how we present these products, services or information to the users through articles, posts, mail messages and media presentations.

Most of the time, when we are the original inventors of these items, our goal is to continue to modify these tangible or intangible items with creative modification processes.

But if we are building upon other original ideas and items, then we must find an efficient way to make this items be positioned in a way on the website so their core values will be established.

The best process is to build other original online components or ideas to further create another creative line of items causing a chain of originalities.
After all, every original idea comes from another original idea.

So we are going to look at the creative modification process and use it to revolutionize our creativity. But before that, let me elaborate on a person’s supposed state of mind in the realms of creativity.

I created this cycle through years of experience and research when building websites.
I found out this same creative process can be employed to any other project at hand. 
Before we start our journey of creativity, we must identify our unique talent.

Our talent must be recognized because that awareness alone will stand us to a point or stage of competence. Talent is the first step to creativity.
The following diagram shows the whole creative process which is also a cycle.

The cycle starts from the following list:
1.     Talent awareness
2.     Problem Research
3.     Competence Preparation
4.     Solution Research
5.     Solution completion
6.     Braintrust Review and then to 2. Problem research again.
The cycle continues to problem research again with iterations of cycle upon cycle until perfection is achieved.

1. Talent Awareness
Talent awareness is the first step to the above proposed diagram. To understand this talent word deeply, I have added it constituting synonyms: (flair, aptitude, gift, knack, technique, touch, bent, ability, expertise, capacity, power, faculty, strength, forte, genius, brilliance, dexterity, adroitness, skill, cleverness, virtuosity and artistry.

If you find any of the above synonyms in common with a particular hobby, then you are talented. Nevertheless, there is still much to be done after discovering our talent.
The most important part is knowing what we are most talented with.

And to be at top performance in that area. To be able to reach this goal the best approach is to reach a higher level of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is knowing what we are good at and what we are not good at. It is also knowing our main purpose being alive.

This is very crucial in the authority spider technique because knowing our purpose and staying focus to it will make us perfect through the creative process cycle.

We should be able to know how best we use complex problem-solving skills, creativity, empathy, big-picture thinking, competitiveness, and attention to detail, organizational thinking, persistence and a host of other cognitive abilities towards our talent.

We should be significantly authentic and try to develop our interested skills until we are experts.

Authenticity means filling a role that is true to who we are, not spending all of our time trying to develop new natural talents.

The reason this is so important is because according to everything we know about how the human mind works, we can’t develop new thinking talents once the first familiar ones are embedded and becomes our hobby.

This is why knowing who we are, what we are good at and building upon it is very essential.

With regards to building websites, finding our talent through the building of website is when we identify the best and suitable market that we are familiar with and building product review sites, product affiliate sites or blogging about our talent.

If we choose to build websites about specific subjects in society like, entertainments, games, movies, or interested subjects that are not related to tangible products, we should make sure the subject chosen are related to what we love and that we have a deeper interest.

This will build strong relationship with our readers and they will regard us as experts.
One may then ask, what if I don’t know my talent. Well I normally tend to use social approach to find out what peoples talent are.

We can do this by asking our friends what they really like about us. We can ask family members, parents, siblings and love loves.

The reflection of ourselves are always portrayed by what people say about us. However, we should also compare what people say about us to justify our thoughts whether they are true or not.

Then we can make a decision about our great talents. And when these comments from our friends and loved ones turn out to be negative, we must check our life diligently whether they are true.

2. Problem Research
Once we identify our unique talent, we then direct that talent into building our website. However, talent alone is not the entire package.

In other to outshine our talent productively, we must use problem research skills to expose tangible or intangible problems.

Problem research is one of the key steps toward finding interested niches or markets.  
With our talent in mind, we follow our talent by first searching online for products or information that are related to our talent.

We then use problem research skills to find current problems in the market.
Example story: Augustus, our imaginary character found out he used to be a great artist since infancy. But he lost pleasure in it while growing up.

However, he knows he is still an extraordinary pencil artist. Augustus decided to build a website based on his talent.

Therefore since he is aware of his talent, the second step was to use problem research to find similar problems facing the pencil art industry and build a site around it.
With this idea in his mind, he got a great market and niche. But he needed to use online problem research skills.

He used the following strategies to find these problems.
·        First he decided to find online forums that were related to his chosen talent and were been discussed like the issues of pencil arts.

·        He also decided to find the top pencil artists online, what they were doing and the problems they were going through.

·        He also decided to check the comments people were making on the top websites relating to pencil arts, video sites comments and facebook comments about the top artists in this sector.

“NOTE: When using problem research skills to find typical problems within a specific market, one thing to keep in mind is to identify the current problems worrying the market”

Augustus decided to use the following online research skills to find the current problems. Because his market resides in the pencil art market, he decided to use the following keywords on the Google search engine.

·        inlink: forum pencil art how to
·        intitle: forum pencil art problems
·        intext: problems in pencil art
·        intext: reply website comment pencil art problems

NOTE: The colon after the inlink or intext keyword is a technique that is only understood by the Google search engine as a separator between the main keywords after the colon and the operator keywords before the colon. This technique are normally used by most S.EO and online marketing savvies to find specific keywords. In chapter 17, we shall examine all the online keyword techniques.

What Augustus did was to use the above keyword techniques to target pages or forums in websites that were related to pencil art.

With the keyword “inlink:” he wanted to find the articles or posts in forums that had been linked through other websites with a link of the keyword after the colon.
The keyword “intitle:” finds websites forums with the title “pencil art problems”.
“intext:” was used to find website pages with the text “problems in pencil art”.
So based on the above keyword techniques Augustus used, he was able to find forums and pages and even online comments about the current problems facing the pencil art industry.

The following shows some of the search engine results pages from the above keywords.

With the “inlink: forum pencil art how to”, he found out pencils.com published a post about the top drawing websites every artist should follow.

He was able to find those websites, what they were doing, their targeted markets, the strength of the competition and other technical stuffs like how those sites where monetizing and decided to jot down some important ideas and problems or mistakes those pages were making.

So with all the above search keywords, Augustus was able to identify the current problems in the pencil art market.

Therefore anyone can use the same above keyword techniques against their market and talent and come out with a research problem.
Once the research problem is identified, then competence preparation step will be ignited.

3. Competence Preparation
In creativity, the third level: competence preparation, is very essential.
It is the level that makes us use the problem at hand to build strong and competent resources to reach a level of proficiency.

Sometimes, when we find the current problems concerning a research, most of the time, a renowned solution may be implemented already by another competitor.
So the question to ask is: is the current solution in the market sufficient or adequate? Another analogical question is: Even though gold passes through fire and stood the test of time, why is diamond valued more?

Is it because diamond is unique in its form and original? Is it because diamond is much more expensive and is scarcer than gold?

What if we create a solution that is unique and original and much more regarded as valuable than other solutions from our competitors?

Neil Partel and Brian Clark repeated this strategy by creating unique products that targeted the needs of their subscribers.

Are some creative ideas more valuable than others? If so, how can we achieve such value? Why do some creative ideas stand the test of time than others?
Competence preparation aims at training anyone to rise to the occasion with a solution to a research problem.

It also challenges the mind to device a great strategy to be in the league of excellent leaders in the market.

It is the level where we sit back, gather our thoughts, and take a bird’s eye view of the whole said problem.

Then we device other variables in the equation, try and test with our skills to create room for improvement.

It is when we weigh ourselves with our talent to see whether we are eligible and qualified to tackle the situation at hand.

And at the end of the preparation, we decide whether to learn and train ourselves to reach that maximum capacity in that market.

But at times, the time needed to reach that maximum capacity may be limited especially when there is serious competition and a dead line.
And sometimes, it may not be time but other resources like cash or connections that may limit us.

And in this situation, the best approach will be to both sharpen our talent and use the pheromone trick to reach a level of mastery as we discussed in chapter 7, “the psychology of building authoritywebsites”.

Example is in the course of building websites, we may come across other competitors also tackling the same market and issue at the same time.

And in this approach, the best strategy is to use intuition like speed to tackle the said problem with our talent before we later modify them with more research and competitive skills.

And most of time, throughout my experience, sometimes the best approach is to device a strong and blood sweat unchallenged solution to the problem at hand.
Competence preparation is finding out whether we have the capacity, the knowledge and the skills to tackle the research problem.

We shall continue with the story about Augustus.
Let us find out how Augustus was able to use competence preparation to arrive at his decision.

Whether he will use speed and intuition to tackle the said problem or he will use another training and preparation to reach the skills needed for the market competition.
Because Augustus recognizes art to be his natural talent, he has decided to tap into the market of the artist. As in painting, pencil art and other forms of art.

However, to his dismay, he found out he had been left behind from new and excellent artist dominating the internet with great articles, pictures and even live videos of them painting or shading which had attracted thousands of visitors on YouTube and even millions at times.

Augustus became aware that if he was going to compete with such market, he had to do something unexpected and astonishing. He had to develop a pheromone trick to this market. He had to sharpen his art skills if he was going to produce his own works. And he even had to decide the type of product or service he was going to choose as monetization for his website.

So the following were the competence preparation steps Augustus used which anyone can adapt.

Competence Preparation Steps:
1.     Study the current selling product and services in the chosen market.
2.     Study the methods of competitors or top icons dominating the chosen market.
3.     Study the current level of skills in the competition and how fast those skills can be learnt.

4.     Study and brainstorm any alternative original product or services solution that can be brought to the market to help solve the problem?

Note: When you are able to come out with the answers and processes to the above steps then you have prepared yourself competently to your chosen market.
So throughout his research online as showed previously, Augustus found some top and current great pencil artist online.

He found out how much each sold their piece, their style and nature of their market. The following exhibit some of his findings:

From his research to find the top pencil artist online, he found a post from creativebloq.com about the top 10 pencil artist currently.

The post listed names like Paul Cadden’s pencil work called shower, the 19 year old female artist from Netherland called Rajacenna who shaded the “You are not alone piece”, Dirk Dzimirsky’s piece  called Frozen and more which can be found on the creativebloq website.

Augustus was much more trilled and also competitively frightened when he saw the realist and rational type of art works being portrayed since his art talent abandonment.
He saw these artists demonstrate flair, mastery and propensity of talent that was beyond genius.

He knew such great masterpieces could be executed but was trilled and even shaken to find such display of talent to it maximum capacity. Even though he knew he was good with pencil art, these artist were flawless and spectacular, they executed a sense of mastery that was beyond the understanding of the non-artist.

Paul Cadden’s shower displayed excellent wizardry in patience, observance and detailed emergence of natural realism with pencil and charcoal.

And then the 19 year old Rajacenna as well as Dirk’s Frozen.
Augustus knew if he was also going to bring out his talent to face these competitors, then he had to come out with an extraordinary approach.

A radical but competitive alternative edge and strategy.
And as he knew he was at the creative stage of competence preparation, he had to weigh both choices, whether he was going to stick to coming out with similar works or whether he could challenge himself to do so.

Or whether he was going to use the pheromone trick to take these top artist, blog about them in his site and use the opportunity to come out with an idea that will be targeted to the audience of these great artist.

After weighing both strategies, he concluded if he was going to gain trust and reputation from the art market who were normally collectors, buyers, upcoming artist and professionals, he had to also create his own art piece.

And then also to add the second choice, going for the pheromone trick that is blogging about these great artists and winning their followers.

So he was going to demonstrate Charismatic Authority by creating artworks, show video recordings online about the art processes he used to complete his work and showcase his works online.

Then he was going to find a way to create a product that will target the collectors, the artist and the learners.

So his conclusion at the level of competence preparation was:
1.     Create about 10 artworks from his heart onto the website to show his integrity as an artist.

2.     Blog about some of the top pencil artist in the world.
3.     Come out with a unique online product or service which will target potential subscribers to his new website.

Note: The same above approach can be directed to any market we choose when working on competence preparation. First we study the top dominators in the market.
We weigh ourselves whether we can reach their level. If not we adapt by using the pheromone trick to mimic their style and we infuse it with our unique talent or solution which is also a product or services to the subscribers.

4. Solution Research
Now that we know what is meant by competent preparation in website building and the methods taken to reach solutions to our competitive market.

We are now ready to reach the second level of our creative process cycle: solution research.

Solution research is the method used to find the solutions to the competent ideas we discover in competent preparation.
We find solutions on how to actualize and materialize the ideas we discover in competent preparation.

Solution research is also finding possible and potential obstacles which may appear as we build our solution.

It is a research which aims at preparing the stage and platform so our solution will come to live.

This preparation is very necessary because it creates an effective and potent step by step processes to our solution.
We shall continue our story about how Augustus was able to use solution research to find possible or potential obstacles to reach his competent level, product functioning level or services functioning level.

The following are the steps to take in other to conduct our solution research:
1.     List down your competent preparation ideas you have already created.
2.     List down the potential obstacles and problems which may hinder the competent preparation ideas you listed at number 1.

3.     List down how you are going to solve these obstacles and set a timeframe to complete.
So let us continue our story. As we know, Augustus listed down the ideas in the competent preparation level.

1.     Listing the competent preparation ideas:
·        Create about 10 artworks from his heart onto the website to show his integrity as an artist.

·        Blog about some of the top pencil artist in the world.
·        Come out with a unique online product or service which will target potential subscribers to his new website.

2.     Potential Obstacles to the above ideas:

·        How fast he could come out with artworks which could dominate the market and reach the expectation levels of other artists and collectors as well as art critics.
·        With blogging about the top pencil artists in the world, he found out most articles and posts where dominating the pencil art niche. They displayed top artists and showcased their works. He found out these were websites with great Domain Authority and Page Authority. They were also huge sites with massive daily visitors.
·        With the idea about coming out with a unique product or service to his target potential subscribers, first he knew he had to create a unique product or service to the visitors who were in the art learning niche, art collectors niche or the artist niche.

If he was going to produce a product or service for the art learning niche, it had to be a product that solve current problems in the market.

3.     List down how the proposed solutions are going to be solved and their timeframe.
·        With the problem of coming out fast with his first 10 great pencil artworks to compete with what is at the market.

He decided to draft a timeframe to control how he was going to finish his artworks.

And this timeframe has to be backed with a time management system as discussed earlier in chapter 6 “Goals, Task and Time”.

·        With the solution to competing with top bloggers in this niche, he knew if he was going to blog in this niche, he had to come out with a strategy that will be unique and valuable than what is at the market.

And he had to use search engine optimization skills to find advantage keywords to this niche and come out with create articles to get immediate subscribers.

We shall talk more of keyword S.E.O skills in chapter 19.
He also saw that, if he was going to dominate this market, then he had to learn all the art of building a great website.

He had to learn what all the top website builders and bloggers are doing, the tools, techniques and everything there was to find to reach his goal.

(Note: From the next chapter, will shall go through all the guides in other to build our website to reach the maximum value needed.)

·        With the solution to finding either a great product or services to the art market, he decided to create a service. He decided to create a service in his website which will help collectors, artist and visitor bid on artworks based on their rating online. And since he is a programmer, he decided to launch an online art bidding platform.

6. Solution Completion
With our last step, solution completion, we shall look at all the steps and techniques to finally start building our project and finally complete it.

Solution completion is the most difficult and yet the most important step. It is the time we set up our environment to suit us to complete our solution.
It is the step at which we start using the advice from chapter 5 “focus” and chapter 6 “Goals, Task and Time” to help us complete our solution.

Using the techniques of focus is very important because without it, we may get stuck at a point when the competition because intense or the motivation to work dissipates a little.

The Pheromone Trick