007 - The Pheromone Marketing Trick

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker, influential business thinker of the 20th century

This post describes a certain technique the biological spider uses to catch its prey. And this same technique can be mimicked to online marketing.

This technique works like magic if used extensively. I do my best to describe how to use this technique when creating websites and writing articles.

In the introduction post, we discussed about the spider tensile. According to Wikipedia, the spider tensile is described as the weapon of the spider which is strong as steel but light as feather.

It is described as having a natural elastic compound that can paralyze the spider’s victim with a single strike when in its territory.

I was thrilled when I learnt how the spider seduces victims with a cunning trick I ostensibly named; the pheromone trick.

We shall use the pheromone trick by adapting to it tactics and learn from this spider.

This will fascinate and charm our online visitors to our territory too. Territory here can be our website, or attracting them to the sales page of our product or services page. Every single authority figure has a pheromone trick.

It is the trick that mimics their victims, clients or followers to always be attracted to them like the pull of a magnet.

So what is this pheromone trick? The spider uses this technique to trick, influence and seduce other species to fall into its territory.

According to scientist, the spider species releases a pheromone into the atmosphere which is similar to the other victims mating culture.

This pheromone is identical to the other specie’s or insect female pheromone. This identical pheromone attracts the other male insect in the atmosphere once diffused.

Like a trap, the other species will be pulled closer to the territory of that spider.

And mistakenly as most men can watch a sexy dressed female person walk on the roadside while they erroneously drive to the wrong side of a road, the pheromone of the spider is used as bait and misguidedly followed to its territory by other male insects.

These other male insects postulate the pheromone to be that of their own species. And nicely done, a homemade dinner is brought to the spider.

The spider will strike the male victim with its biological silk weapon through detections of vibrations of its woven webs caused by the incoming victim.

It will paralyze the victim with a single swing of speed and power like the speed of a fired gun thrown from it biological silk. Then it will role the prey with the silk like an Egyptian mummy making it difficult to escape. There is a serious lesson from this story.

The spider saw it could produce the same scent of pheromone that could conjure it victims to think they were meeting their own species. The question here is;

How was the spider able to mimic the same pheromone from the other species so flawlessly and undetectable?

With charismatic authority in mind, all we need to do is study our targeted customers and use the pheromone trick to reach our authority spider goal.

We can mimic this same pheromone technique in the area of building authority websites. We can prepare this pheromone idea by asking the following questions:

·       What problem do we recognize in our market, visitors, subscribers or listeners that can be explored, learnt and intelligently provide with solutions and answers? (NOTE: The spider saw this problem by exploring the other male insects or victims and concluded that the other insect couldn’t identify the difference between their pheromone and that of the spider. And only in this case he saw an opportunity to find its prey.)

·       How can we identify a problem and solution in our chosen market in a way that will intelligently mimic our online visitor’s situation?

·       What can we study about our market which relates to people’s lives that will automatically attracts them to trust us as experts?

Spider webs accordingto the calendar of scientist has existed for more than 100 million years. (As calculated with the carbon 14 dating method). Insects get trapped in spider webs which provide nutrition to the spider.

We are not studying the anatomy and features of the spider but rather, the behavioral aspects and stealing the concepts from it intelligent survival tactics.

Techniques like their trapping skills, their method of spotting prey by the change of vibration on one of their spinning webs and more.

Their method of creating webs which allows the spider to catch prey without having to expend energy is a core concept.

We shall talk more about how to find the right stuff for our target market or the best bait and trap for our prey. (And prey here is related to customers or visitors to our site).
In a spider’s point of view, the technique is to trap them with its silk (designing an idea about a story or article which intrigues them and traps them to subscribe or buy from you). We shall discuss more about all these ideas and how to adopt them.

According to scientists, the tensile strength of the spider’s silk is greater than the same weight of steel and has much greater elasticity if compared in terms of the weight of the spider, the strength of their prey against the weight of humans and their tools.

The spider’s silk microstructure is under investigation for potential applications in industry, including bullet-proof vests and artificial tendons.
Researchers have used genetically modified mammals to produce the proteins needed to make this material.

If spiders can develop such a great biological ammunition to target their victims: so can we do to our online ideas.

If we want to grip users under our website and subscription for the rest of our online publishing and business life, then the pheromone trick should be taken to the heart and practices dearly through all pages and every article. This idea is a metaphor.

The metaphor about the tensile strength of the spider’s silk is picturing great ideas or stories which pull users to our site.

In 2009, Dan Brown’s book “The Davinci Code” sold more than 200 million copies.
Reading the book myself and studying his style of writing made me aware of how and why most great writers use the spider technique without knowing they are using it.

Even though Dan Brown’s next book after the Davinci code couldn’t sell as much as it’s previous, it was estimated that, most people rushed to buy his next book because the first book did all the work.

It pulled it victims like the way the spider entangled it victims with it tensile silk.
This is the concept and what I have observed and invite you to explore with your chosen market. When you have selected your chosen market, you must develop the spider technique using the pheromone trick to pull your visitors to you.

Dan Kennedy, who wrote magnetic marketing exposes this idea in another approach but indirectly using the pheromone trick.

Dan said and I quote: “The way of professionalism is taking something that is extremely difficult and making it very simple.”

If you can study your chosen market, find problems, especially the extremely difficult ones, and make it very simple by creating serious solutions, you have established a pheromone trick that has placed you or your business as an expert in that field.

It is a concept about how to create simplistic solutions from difficult problems for a specific market.

You use your solutions as a pheromone to mimic the ammunition of the spider when attacking it victims.

The ammunition of the spider is called the tensile. However, the magical aspect of this ammunition is the strength as called the tensile strength.

Therefore, the tensile strength of your silk (a convincing idea) or the elasticity of your silk will determine how long a user or reader may keep on reading the contents of your website, article or even refer another person to buy from your products or affiliate links.

Steve jobs was seriously obsessed with this pheromone approach. He identified that, most American consumers were very obsessed with design, simplicity and quality. He dragged his workers to the wall in extreme times only to arrive at these three concepts. And today Apple still uses this perfectionism culture.

We shall apply this concept further, when writing the authority contents after launching our website and finding our right market.

Your tensile strength which will be a mind technique is to the purpose of making your writing skills more conjuring with the idea of giving your users or readers quality contents, feeding them with what they want.

The whole secret is researching further about the potential markets or niches and coming out with an idea or solution that will be absolutely related to their problems, lives or lifestyle. And then satisfying them with your unique solutions.

If we can tap into the consciousness of a market, study, learn and come out with quality and concrete solutions to problems in that market, then we will be regarded as experts in that field. Automatically, we will exhibit the pheromone trick when we study this market diligently.

The whole manufacturing engine behind the building of authority websites is to know how to utilize the pheromone trick. And the best approach to use the pheromone trick efficiently is to study the top icons or bloggers who are already making remarkable breakthrough in that market.

Since we cannot examine every single problem of a customer or member from our potential markets, the best way is to study the top icons or masters from these markets.

The same idea, as the spider studied the female pheromone and produced the same scent, we should also study the top players in our market and try to come out with great solutions.

I used the same pheromone solution when finding the bestrated WordPress theme for building the authority spider website.

When we study the good qualities of our competitors or masters, we exhibit their qualities, merge and integrate them with our original qualities.

When we do that, we establish a new demonstration of mastery and originality that will be considered as one of the masters or big players in the game.

Our pheromone will be that of the masters. And we will pull subscribers and visitors like magnets.

When we study these masters and demonstrate their values with ours, we launch an example of Authority.

After all, in the events of war, when the captain or commander is executed, the whole army surrenders.

The same followers who followed these masters will follow us, when they see the same qualities in us. And they will surrender to us.

This technique is gained by using Charismatic Authority as we discussed in chapter 7. Therefore charismatic authority should be adapted by mimicking the pheromone trick in a chosen market.

This is what the genius Mozart has to say about studying other colleagues or masters.

“It is a mistake to think that the practice of my art has become easy to me. I assure you, dear friend, no one has given so much care to the study of composition as I. There is scarcely a famous master in music whose works I have not frequently and diligently studied.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart always had a gift for absorbing and adapting valuable features of others' music. His travels helped in the forging of a unique compositional language.

In London as a child, he met J. C. Bach and heard his music. In Paris, Mannheim, and Vienna he met with other compositional influences, as well as the avant-garde capabilities of the Mannheim orchestra.

In Italy he encountered the Italian overture and opera buffa, both of which deeply affected the evolution of his own musical practice.

By learning about our masters, we have already learnt the pheromone trick. This technique works like charm and will transcend anyone to charismatic figure.

When we are able to identify prolific and creative patterns about the leading figures, then we have learnt all the secret to attracting our potential customers. To be able to mimic a specific pheromone in a specific market, the best practice is to extremely learn about that market and come out with a solution and information or solution that critically benefit them.

In other sense, we should strive to study ourselves, our products, our services, our employees, our family and anything that surrounds us. Our whole personality should benefit anything that connects to us. 

The most important thing is adding our unique core values and talent, making this technique original.

Since this book focuses on websites, it is required to read about the top authority bloggers. It is required to know what makes them tick. And it is required to know their common traits.

The first advice is to build ourselves a career with a great goal.  We do it by selecting a personal godfather or an aspired personality we wish to become in our preferred choice of market. This personality should be in the same market we are willing to build our project on.

This will help us build a strong relationship with our market. We shall discuss more about how to select the right market in chapter 11.

Also, it will not be entirely accurate to discern everything there is to know about every authority figure in the industry, but knowing some few and fundamental turning points and choices in their lives may improve our progress.

The famous Charles de Gaulle said: Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.”
To start our website pheromone trick, we should pick about four to five personalities in our market who are making positive breakthroughs. 
To help us accomplish this task, we shall continue our imaginary story about Augustus.

We shall look at the process Augustus used to arrive at the following top authority figures in the internet marketing and website building world. And how he was able to learn from this preferred authority figures. 

Augustus decided to launch his own profitable website because finding job in his country was not easy even with a degree in information technology. However, he had read a lot about how some top internet bloggers made thousands of dollars in the web industry through blogging.

He decided to leverage his academic skills to find the top bloggers in his chosen market and to find out their pheromone.

Augustus decided to use the Giant search engine Google to make the research. The following shows the list of the keywords he used to arrive at the top 5 internet marketing and online marketing personalities.

His objectives was to find the top internet bloggers and study their process or their pheromone trick.

1. “ top internet marketing websites"

2.     top blogging websites in the world

Augustus found out, it doesn’t take outstanding effort to start researching about this personalities. He was not looking for great websites, but the great bloggers.

With the keyword “top internet marketing websites” he found out forbes.com published a post about the top 10 online marketing bloggers to follow in 2014.

He decided to use this article for his research because forbes.com at the time of his research was regarded as a great website and foremost, this post was sitting at the top index of Google. The following are the names of the top 10 online marketing bloggers he found:

·         Brian Clark
·         Belle Bert Cooper
·         Matt Cutts
·         Rand Fishkin
·         Michael Hyatt
·         Avinash Kaushik
·         Neil Patel
·         Wil Reynolds
·         Danny Sullivan
·         Gary Vaynerchuk

He therefore decided to summarize the stories of two of the above mentioned names and how they earned their money online. He also decided that, once he got the whole picture, then he will position himself to their pheromone trick.

He found out that anyone could use the same process to select the top authority figures in any market. Augustus found and admired Brian Clark and Neil Patel even though all the above list are great bloggers.

He also found out that, most of these successful authority bloggers were generating millions of dollars annually and their main resources were the computer and a WordPress platform.

And that, knowing how most of these top bloggers and site owners succeeded financially was absolutely necessary for his survival.
The following are the short stories he drafted from his chosen two;

Brian Clark
Brian Clark is the founder of the famous internet marketing website CoppyBlogger.com.

He has been regarded as a serial entrepreneur in Boulder, Colorado.
He is the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital which is the head company of Coppyblogger and other companies like StudioPress, Rainmaker FM and the Rainmaker Platform.

Studiopress.com is responsible for the great WordPress theme genesis which will probe more when searching for the right theme for building our website in authority spider.

Augustus found out that, Brian Clark started the projects which included the personal development newsletter called Further. And also the new Rainmaker podcast for digital entrepreneurs and another one called Unemployable which is a resource for providing smart strategies for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs.

Brian started creating his website in 1998 and by one year, he had his first online success.

Brian used the Authority Spider model by implementing the pheromone trick in the creative entrepreneurship industry.

He did this by positioning himself as a consistent authority figure by providing needed information to entrepreneurs through his website.

He built content marketing solutions for this market and helped the market through launching of online marketing content ideas and using additional offline businesses through marketing and infrastructure.

It all started in 2006 when Brain started his renowned one-man blog called Coppyblogger.com. Coppyblogger rapidly progressed into a significant digital trade magazine for the online business because he focused on it as an authority website for more than a year.

(Remember that, a great website has to offer great solutions to customers or visitors for consecutive of times. My real estimate is more than a year. You must be very consistent to publishing and marketing)

What also fascinated Augustus was how Brian ignored online advertising as his source of income when he started blogging.

All he did was publish good and quality content to his market through the building of online mailing subscribers. He saw that opportunity building trust with his subscribers and within a year was able to build more than 50,000 subscribers.

Augustus also saw that, Coppyblogger never took venture capital and made it to 8 figures in annual revenue without advertising.
He only made all his income through his trusted audience who always visit his site through the mailing subscriptions.

All he did was publish new articles weekly and send this articles to his mailing list.

The following are the questions Augustus asked himself after finding out about Brian’s blogging strategies.

1.    Why did Brian choose to ignore the use of online advertising like Google AdSense or Affiliate programs when he started his blog?
2.    What are the approaches he used to convince visitors to subscribe to his mailing list?

3.    How Brian Clark was able to make sales with subscribers and what effective conversion rate strategies did he use?
Augustus found out Brain chose to ignore online advertising and affiliate programs because of his powerlessness to control his revenues with their platform.

Note: Even though Google AdSense is recommended in this book as well as Affiliate programs like amazon associates, Mailing list are far more controlled and can be trusted. They can be trusted because you own your list. The subscribers are saved to either the mailing service Aweber or Mail Chimp and also backed up by yourself. And because you are trusted by them when you exhibited the pheromone trick or Charismatic Authority, when you suggest a link from other private affiliate networks to your subscribers, you will make money as well as great good friends.

In chapter 24, we shall go through the guide “Mailing List”. Which will give more answers to the number 1 question above. We shall look at the advantage of using mailing list and the connection between mailing list and building authority websites.

Augustus studied some of the approaches Brain used to lure visitors to his subscription and the following describes how he did it.

Visitor Incentives: Coppyblogger used eBooks as incentives to harvest emails as subscribers. All he did was write great and quality eBooks targeting his chosen market. The following banner shows the gateway to some of his great mailing list.

And when the visitor decides to download any of this books, they will have to sign up, enter their name and email which automatically subscribes them to his mailing list. (NOTE: if the spider mimicked the pheromone of other species to trap them, then when we also mimic this same strategy on our website, haven’t we implemented the pheromone trick?J)

And with this trick, the most important thing was to use Charismatic Authority to feed them great solutions to their problems. And then he was able to make sales by creating new projects like StudioPress, Rainmaker FM and the Rainmaker Platform which was used to make huge sales to his trusted clients.

The lesson Augustus learnt here was in other to become a great authority figure and become an Authority Spider making thousands or millions and change the lives of people as well as his, he will have to come out with a business or online product which will be a solution to the problems in his market.

He will have to create his own product online, either tangible or intangible.
Spencer Haws from nichepursuit.com did the same by creating a keyword research platform called LongTailPro and continues to make sales to his subscribers.

So the master lesson Augustus learnt was to make up his mind, brainstorm and come out with an online product which will solve a problem in his chosen market. This strategy is far more controlled than using affiliate market or advertising 

Neil Patel – Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Analytics Expert

Neil Partel is one of the vibrant and highest SEO and marketing experts in the world. He is known for his prominent websites like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, Hellobar and QuickSprout.

Neil Partel launched his first online venture with a board named Advice Monkey when in high school. What inspired Neil Partel to go all head out in the internet marketing niche was when his hired marketing company failed to gain traction.

He decided to learn how to drive traffic to his site. Neil eventually ended up launching his great career in the online marketing world. His company has served Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, General Motors and Viacom. Patel declined a $5million offer to sell his company. Patel’s company has raised more than $17million.

Partel’s turning moment was when he decided to tackle a failure from a hired marketing company to create authority in that niche.
He became an influence in his niche. His authority in the internet marketing world is very positive.

So I decided to investigate what truly made Neil Patel such an important figure, I researched his website, quicksprout.com, subscribed to his mailing list and this is what I found:

The success story behind Niel Patel is governed by his integrity. Neil’s integrity was demonstrated when he refused or declined the $5million offer to sell his company. Most writers and bloggers would have received such an amount without any hesitation.
But studying Neil’s lifestyle showed he was not living on a silver platter. He declined a $5million to gain a $17million profit.

The lesson here is to first have a great aim and goal, and then you must be consistent and have a very strong integrity that surpasses any short term possibility or temptation.
Augustus found out Niel Partel used the same online incentive technique in quicksprout.com like Brain Clark to harvest emails or subscribers. Niel created a touching banner which asked questions leading the visitor to enter their website’s URL. 

And then taken to another page where they will be asked another powerful rhetorical question. “Would you like to learn how to improve your SEO score?”

 And off course most visitors will answer by clicking on YES with the intrigued and attracted yellow color. Most of the time, the eye is focused on the yellow which is a shouting color.

In chapter 23 “Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)”, we shall study the conversion elements and colors used for controlling the user’s action like what Niel has done.

And then once they click on YES, they are taken to a third page which finally asked for their name and mail. Awesome. J

The visitor will complete the pheromone trick by entering the first name, email, monthly marketing budget and lastly, RESERVE YOUR CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION WITH NEIL.

They are then taken to either Aweber Mailing list or any other list for the mailing process.

Augustus saw that most of the top 10 listed bloggers published on the forbes.com site practiced this same technique and hardly used any online advertising service but a mailing list so they could sell their own self-made products or services.

The master technique Augustus got from Neil was the three further page conversion techniques he used to trick visitors into subscribing.
But however, the final gunshot he used to sell to these subscribers was to mail them great solution to their problems in their market and eventually feed them with his self-made services or products to speed up how they will accomplish their needs.

In Neil’s case, he was able to create a commercial monthly subscription package which teaches website entrepreneurs to market their websites effectively.

Therefore we should use the pheromone trick to mimic these authority bloggers and harvest great emails for a higher percentage of conversion rate.
You can use the pheromone trick in any endeavor or product market you find yourself in. Just study what the top players are doing. Study their flaws as well as any opportunity. First do what they do and add originally to your style reaching a unique selling position (USP).

The next chapter talks about how to use creativity to construct the powerful contents these subscribers will be hooked to and loved.

Overview of building authority websites