008 - Overview of Building Authority Website

In my other post, “introduction, the spider technique”, we deliberated on the spider technique, we discussed the purpose of the spider technique and showed how the spider uses the pheromone trick to build the authority spider model.

And how we can use Focus and Motivation to build a strong and will-powered personality. We also looked at the psychology of building authority websites in chapter 7. 

All that we learnt in the previous chapters was to prepare us and motivate us to build our authority website.

Now that we know the whole concept when building authority websites, the psychology behind it, the creative processes backed with motivation, we shall use all those energies we have acquired to build our website.
This chapter is an overview to the guide in building our website. We shall examine the required study guidelines.

We shall also look at how to select the best and suitable market with our talent. Then we shall take a look at how to brainstorm good and catchy domain names, whether expired domain names are still relevant, and also look at how to purchase the name and configure it.

If you are new to expired domains, don’t worry, I will hit it again.
Then we will also discuss some of the top domain name and hosting website companies. We will also go through all the guides and processes in content marketing and copywriting techniques.

Before we start building our website, there are some prerequisites and information to be aware of.  

We must know how much money we want to put into the website we want to build. I have divided the budgeting side into basic, normal and business.
These three approaches are steps I have devised based on my years of experience in building websites. They are choices anyone can choose to build their website and online business.

With the basic approach, I calculated a budget of at least $100 for purchasing the domain name, hosting, logo design and some chosen wordpress themes. However it is not entirely required to spend $100 to use the basic website approach.

For example, a person may choose to just purchase the inevitable domain name and hosting and start building. Currently, as I write this book, the domain name and hosting may cost not more than $50 and even in some hosting companies less.  

I also suppose anyone with a strong heart and low budget than the above can build any authority website and succeed extremely well. However, hiring someone to design the logo and buying some recognized and commercial WordPress themes may add more professional flair, respect and integrity to a website.  

It will also speed up time with search engine indexing and page position climbing since working diligently behind the pages or in the code may take some time to eradicate some of the free wordpress theme errors often made.

This is because most commercial wordpress themes enhances and improves search engine optimization techniques to their pages automatically. We will discuss more about this in chapter 14 “Installing best rated themes, plugins, logo and branding”.

This helps to speed up all the technical adjustment we may be adding to the code behind in the pages or in the css and html pages. In chapter 15, we shall also go through the guide “Keyword Research Skills and Tools”.

So anyone even without a commercial wordpress theme can inspect any free wordpress theme and code behind, modify and improve some of the tags when they feel something isn’t right.

With the normal approach. It may take a person not more than $300 dollars to start an authority website with speed of execution and competition. The normal approach is suitable for people who think learning every guide in this book may take much of their time and are looking for best and faster approaches.

The normal approach involves buying domain name, a flipped beginner’s website from any of the chosen commercial website selling platforms like flippa or empireflippers.

This approach involves money but has a huge advantage with regards to speed and competition. However, it still requires certain knowledge and understanding in the website brokerage and business to get it right.

And also, a person needs to know and understand the right website to buy and how to recognize quality and potential profitable websites. In chapter 25 “Buying Quality Profitable Websites”, we shall walk through all the steps and guidelines required to buy a potential and profitable website.

And then we shall also cover the business approach. With the business approach, a person is required to at least spend from $2000 to $25000 or even higher, up to $200,000 or above.

The business approach is for business men who wish to speed up the website building process with cash as resource and leverage than spending more time and learning everything from scratch.

However it is very advisable to always start with the basic approach or the normal approach before venturing the business approach to help reduce risking money or running at a loss.

Another analogy to explaining why some people choose the business approach is; let say a person may decide to build a mansion from scratch thus purchasing the land, working on tedious of legal and technical requirements, hiring contractors and masons. 

Another person may also just decide to buy a mansion and forget about all the hardships in building.

The same thing can be said about building authority websites with the business approach, however both have advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on choice and the strength, knowledge and expertise as well as resource a person should have.

The business approach also requires us to be experts in the website building business so we can pin-point quality websites and profitable ones.

After all, a person who is savvy in buying houses knows how to inspect and buy a great, quality and expensive house and identify potential profitable residents or business oriented or family oriented neighborhoods for more advantages in the real estate business. We shall discuss more on the pros and cons and the best approach to be a successful authority spider in the website business in chapter 25.  

How to select the best market and keywords for your site