009 - How to select the best market and keywords for your authority website

Choosing a great market for your website is one of the important process to gain real profits and make real money with your website.
The wrong market for your website will result in waste of time and resource.

This is why time, experience, knowledge, patience and extensive research is required to select the right market to create your website.

In the post, “Creativity (Building authority websites)”, we discussed the creative process cycle with talent awareness as the first step when selecting our market.

However, there is confusion with two approaches to the difficulty of selecting whether to use talent as a motivator to market selection or venture capital interest with ROI (return of interest) as a motivator to market selection.

To elaborate further, a person with a great talent on a particular subject or services may choose to launch authority website with this talent.

But what if this talent has no market value or there isn't enough people or market interest who are willing to buy or obtain his services or products.

To be more precise, a person with great talent in repairing gramophones may choose to launch website and get customers.

But if the gramophone market is out of coverage area or lost in time, no matter how talented he or she is, there will not be an attractable market to make residual income.

A great talent without great market may not entirely work well or a great market without great talent may not also stand the test of time.

A market with serious high competition should also be avoided as a beginner, unless you have found potential market value to your product or services that makes you unique from your competitors.

To select a great market, we must also consider how valuable that market is. The valuation market is based on the price of the services and products and how fast they sell and the margin of profit, and how large that market is.

Most website investors turn to the concept of finding markets that are only motivated by profit and great sales.  

These two are related in a certain way. They are only related when you are lucky to be motivated by talent and find the same market that is valuable to your talent. In this case choosing this market is the best of both worlds.

So we shall take a look at how to solve this confusion and decide on the best approach to find and select the best market.

We will then go through the steps required to select these markets.
This process can be achieved and successfully based on techniques, determination, focus, talents and creativity.

Let us sink deep by explaining with the continuation of our story about our imaginary character “Augustus”.

Another key factor is also to check on the return of investment (ROI) of that website’s market.

When Augustus was selecting his market for building the website, one key factor was deciding whether to build his website based on market value or whether he should just focus on his talent without bothering to check for the ROI (return on investment) he was going to put in.

ROI = Gain of investment minus cost of investment divided by cost of investment.


So if we are to calculate the ROI for Augustus market choice, we would take the gain of investment which is what he will get from the website every month or a specific period in time minus the cost of investment which is how much he puts in, being money, time (charge per hour he put in every day), and other assets.  

And then divide them by the cost of investment.
So deciding whether he was going to build the website based on ROI model will be to look for a valuable market that had the potential of meeting a profitable ROI.

And the other phenomenon which will be building the website for the sake of love for his talent and making a difference in the world and not following money.

Most venture capitalist use the ROI model to invest in projects and expect entrepreneurs or businesses to create a business plan that meets a great research market with profitable ROI.

However, with my experience in building websites, I found out websites built with great love and affection with strong determination turn to do wonders in the online industry.

And websites built with the ROI model may only do well when the right people working on it love what they are doing and are the right people to work on the project.

The best tactic will be to kill two birds with one stone by studying the market with ROI model and our talent in mind to find the best chosen and suitable market.

This approach is the best and suitable choice for beginners who are looking to make impression in the world and also make great money.

If we really to gain online trust, offer authentic value and win real customers and convert them to real money, then combining the two approach is the best step towards finding and selecting great market for our website.

We shall checkout the guidelines and practices to select the best market with the continuation of our story. But before that, let us check the guidelines for searching target audience.

Guidelines to search website target audience.
1.    We should know who our online visitors are, how to get to them (the websites and blogs they read and the keywords they search in Google and other search engines)

2.    We should know their social character and culture and the main goals of the literate in that market. What are their modus operandi? What are their main ideology in that market? ( We should remember the pheromone trick here)

3.    We should know which online keyword is been used frequently and ask why those keywords are more rampant in that market.

4.    We should identify and upgrade our own talent and knowledge so we can offer great services and information to this market when competing with similar websites.

5.    We should know the value of the market. This can be achieved by looking at the average cost per product or service in that market. How many search results appears on search engines, and other commercial sites like amazon, eBay and e-commerce sites.

6.    We should know the competition of that market. How much are people paying for the top keywords on AdWords and other advertising platforms like Facebook and twitter.
(When we know how these keywords are worth, then we might have rough estimation of how much that market is worth.) 
If people pay high cost of amount for keywords in particular market, then that market competition is high. NOTE: High competitive markets are not advisable to choose as a beginner.

When we are looking at who our online visitors are and how to get to them, their websites and blogs, the first thing to do as we discussed earlier in chapter 8 is to know our main talent.

Then based on our talent, we will start searching and brainstorm keywords which people might be typing in search engines.

With the Google search engine, we can find particular keywords and compare the total number of results that appear.

This total number can be compared to other markets to arrive at a decision whether that market is huge or not.

In the next example, I am going to use a different niche and market. This example is based on education market. I decided on that, so we can share another experience from other marketing perspectives and methods.

In other to find the right market for a specific talent in this market, we need to narrow it down to a smaller market under the education umbrella to make our website content writing easier. The following example shows how to do this.

Finding Online Markets through Google, Amazon and Google AdWords.

First we need to know all the required tools to conduct our online market research. The following tools or online software may be a start as most web marketing engineers use. 

(Google Suggestion, Amazon Suggestion, Google AdWords, Amazon Product Rating and Amazon Best Sellers Product)

Before we start with the guide on how to use the above web marketing services, we should identify that the most important step is to know our main chosen starting keyword.

This keyword should be based on intuition and relationship to our talent being the main market we have chosen like education.

So if Augustus, this time chose the education market, then we are assuming the intuitional chosen keyword is “best teaching practices”.

 If “best teaching practices” is the main keyword, then the next step will be to brainstorm questions like, what will be the best product or services idea related to the keyword “best teaching practices”?

And intuitionally, we may think about how to find problems surrounding best teaching practices and find solutions to it.

And then these solutions may be great products that can speed best teaching practices or services which may also eradicate mediocrity in teaching.

To help our intuitional chosen keyword to multiply to other related keywords which may later be converted to broadening the scope of our chosen market, we will start using the Google Suggestion and Amazon suggestion tools.

Google suggestion is a very great free strategy to find related keywords surrounding our main keyword.

When we start typing our main keyword into Google, the search engine start appending suggested keywords as we type. The following image portrays this description. 

As we can see in the image example, when we start to type best teaching practices in the Google suggestion box, Google will start to append other related keywords which are good keywords people have been searching.

We should note that, these related keywords are very crucial and are one of the best approaches towards finding and selecting the best market for our website.

We now know that people who are looking for best teaching practices may also be looking for teaching practices in science, teaching practices for diverse learners, teaching practices with PowerPoint or ppt, students with learning disabilities and others.

So the Google suggestion box is non-arguably a very great tool to find our target market.

With the amazon product rating and best sellers keyword, we will have to brainstorm the current products which may be related to our keywords on Amazon and add the keyword “bestselling” + each keyword in our refined list so we can know the products selling well on Amazon.

When we find this product, all we are looking for is to read the comments accompanying these products so we can view the problems in these market whether there are enough room to write more articles.

Or whether we want to use amazon affiliate in the future to these products. So we first use the keyword “amazon bestsellers teaching practices” in Google to first find the top keyword in amazon dominating all pages on amazon. 

Since the first page that appears is regarded as a strong page from Google’s eye.

The first result in the above search will take us to the page on amazon which is doing well. So we can study this page, find out why that page is doing well, read the reviews on that page and brainstorm to check whether our market has a strong value.

So when I clicked on the first page, I was taken to the below amazon page which can also be found on amazon here.

So we can study this book and find out why this book is doing wonders on amazon. And why people are buying it.

This technique is actually the pheromone trick if we study it carefully. What I found out was the integrity of Donna Walker Tilesto; the writer to this book.

We can then checkout what methods she used to write this book, why people are buying it, what sought of important values were in the book and try to see whether the market behind this book will be suitable for us to create our website.

So based on reading most of the reviews, my conclusion was that, even though this book was written in only 88 pages, because the writer made 10 solid scientific research on the best teaching practices, the book has become an authority eBook.

We should keep in mind that, all what we are seeking is a common ground to convince ourselves whether the chosen market will be great to start our website and also an attractable way to find more contents to write.

A great pheromone trick here is to mimic what the writer did by also trying to use scientific research and even trying to improve it by either adding videos, more comprehensive research works or online interactive approaches to help tutors accomplish best teaching practices.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online platform purposely made for online advertisers wanting to find statistics of the number of keywords people search by a particular keyword, their suggested bidding amount, the competition whether high, medium or low and other values so the advertiser can learn  more about their chosen keywords before they bid and pay for them.

Most online marketers and website builders can also use a tool inside the Google AdWords called keyword planner. In chapter 16 “keyword research and skills”, we shall learn all the tricks and guides about the Google AdWords and the keyword planner. 

But now all we need to know is how to use the keyword planner to find the total number of average search by month of our keyword list. The following shows the example.

The first thing to do is to sign up and log in to your account on Google AdWords. The address is adwords.google.com. Then click on the menu “Tools” to show the drop down list as shown. And then click on keyword planner.

This will take you to the keyword planner page. You should then click on the Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category link as shown.

This will open the Find new keywords page as shown. You should then enter the keywords in the text box with the title “Enter one or more of the following” as shown below.

You should then enter the main keyword inside the keyword column and click on the Get ideas button. You should leave the other text box empty for now.

Later in the keyword research tutorial in chapter 16, we shall dive deep into this with pencil art market. So after clicking on the Get ideas button, we are taking to the generated page that list all the related keywords connecting to our main keyword “best teaching practices”.

As we examine in the image shown, our main keyword has lead us to other great related keywords. The early childhood education keyword has a high competition and an average monthly search of 40,500.

This shows that, when we want to tackle this market with our main keyword. We should consider targeting the early childhood education market. Now we can decide whether to work with this market or not.

So after the above example, we can then compile our results into a table for further decisions. We should bear in mind that, all we ever want to do in this chapter is select the best market for our website.

So the table we have projected should give us a clear conviction whether to tap into our market or not. 

Most of the time, the best way is to check for the keyword competiveness. Normally I go for the high competitive keywords. While most writers go for the low competitive ones.

The reason why I suggest anyone using the authority spider approach should go for the high competitive keywords is based on the intuition that, if we are using the pheromone trick plus charismatic authority as described in the previous chapters, then going for low competitive keywords wouldn’t be challenging since high keywords suggest importance and excellence of the market. Money always rules.

Therefore the best way to select our keywords is to use the above processes and arrive at a table that will give us a decision.

The same approach can be done with the Amazon suggestion list so we can remove duplicate and then combine to get our keywords.

You should note that since our imaginary friend Augustus found the market keywords “Early Childhood Education” which also derived from “Best Teaching Practices”, he can draft his market around these keywords.

Since Early Childhood Education receives about 40,000 search per month, he can target this market and try to combine the two to start a great article “ Best teaching practices for early childhood education” This keyword will narrow the market down so Augustus can aim at teachers dealing with children or early childhood.

Now he can target smaller keywords belonging to this market by going again to Google Search Suggestion Box and getting more keywords relating to the above.

These are the keywords Augustus converting to articles. And then he can later convert these pages to revenues through monetization like AdSense, Amazon Affiliate Program or using your own products.

Chapter 25, web monetization, talks more about AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Program.

Thanks for reading this post.

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