002 - Introduction to Authority Spider Content.

Authority spider is written to focus on one single idea; to help online writers and business men reach out to their customers and clients or prospects the fastest and most affordable way for revenue generation.

And I explain this idea through the creation of websites and using online marketing techniques.

To create a great website, you need three strategies, a great looking website, which is the design, a strong and fast loading website which is the speed of the website, or how fast your pages loads, and a quality concept and content with SEO (search engine optimization). This is what I termed as the Authority Spider Model (ASM).

The authority spider model technique is a concept I projected to help anyone build strong and formidable websites.

This concept is stolen from the species spider and its way of catching prey. The mind is the most powerful asset and you will be urged to use it the right way to increase your writing productivity. I strike more on the mind at how to visualize and focus and the psychology of building authority websites.

This technique will teach you time management, goal setting, motivation, focus, guidelines to control external and internal distractions and strong methods, purposely to help prepare the mind for strong website building and increase website conversion rates.

(Conversion rate is the rate at which someone buys or reaches a goal on your website from the time they landed on your page to the time they buy something or reach the goal you set to achieve).

I explain the spider technique as a concept and as a guideline to follow to achieve higher conversion rates online and to reach a viral traffic online.

The authority spider technique makes it easier for anyone to approach building great websites with great sales and positive reviews online.

The primary targets of this book is the aspiring online blogger, writer and EBook enthusiast; however, authors and website builders with intermediary and advanced skills will gain useful ideas in this book to speed up work and buy more time.

You don’t need to be savvy in coding to create authority website. I have drafted a fast and easier guide to create a website and start making 1000’s of dollars online if vigorous effort is put in. You don’t need to be a great writer to make great sales.
However, a strong writing background helps a lot but not entirely the ultimate tool. 

There are more online blogs that hit 1000’s to 10000’s of visitors using normal English and grammar.

The most important thing is grammar, which is very critical and imperative. Using all these small and simple techniques is what authority spider is about.
It is an effective technique I have devised to pull users or clients to stay hooked to a particular product or services.

To be able to understand this concept well, I will like to draw a little picture about spiders, my indulgence and especially why the title Authority Spider.

I am obsessed and very fond of spiders. My favorite movie unquestionably is the spider man. Especially the 2014 edition “The amazing Spiderman 2” which starred Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx.

I am more fascinated by the high speed sight and vision of the Spiderman and how he is able to see beyond normal sight and the speed limit of humans while visualizing simultaneous scenes in slow motion, and preventing disasters before they occur.
My fascination with spiders is not just their intriguing web spinning skills but their demonstration of preying and intelligence.

As you will learn from this book, this small insect has so much to teach us to make great impact online.

Have you ever read a book that is so interesting and fascinating that, you just couldn’t stop turning the pages until you were done?

This is the type of online geeky content this book seeks to help us build. Authority Spider is simply a metaphor about the king of the web; the spider.

And this spider uses certain powerful skills online to capture it victims and entangles them to it web silk (Your online ideas and contents). This spider is actually you. And this spider has Authority.

How to visualize and stay focus to article writing