001 - Authority Spider Preface


Authority Spider is the book i have written about the best way to launch authority websites.
I have decided to share this book on this blog. If you are a web writer, a blogger, an online business aspirant or a marketing manager trying to gain more traffic to your company website, then you will love these posts.

I have dedicated to show step by step and prepare anyone to reach the goal of a great authority website.

Glad you asked. :)

 After reading most of the articles in authority spider, you will understand the authority spider concept and use it  pull thousands of traffic and boost your company or online image.

These techniques can be directed to company websites, social media networking skills and personal profile boosting.

Authority Spider aims to make practical and challenging years of a struggling beginner and intermediate online website writers become experts in a short period.

 I have tried to minimalize ten struggling years to 3 months. To accomplish this you are required to read everything and understand the concepts.

Authority spider will enrich the beginner, intermediate and the advanced blogger with new perspectives in the blogging world to gain dominance. This is a comprehensive guide and information purposely to show anyone reach the highest peak of online website performance.

Anyone can create website. But to create quality websites, you need a comprehensive and detailed approach.

There are some techniques that need time and perseverance and intense knowledge to achieve. I have made it a task to find a way to reach that goal with authority spider.

In reality, creating and launching great profitable and authority websites with thousands of profits or millions is a skill which must be mastered from years of good practical guides and experienced blogging leaders.

The process is like a high ladder that must be ascended with time with each step building on the previous one.

To be able to reach this ladder, you have to learn from the masters. If you happen to be acquainted with the one who is willing to share his ideas and probably coach you, then you are on your way.

Because such advanced techniques and online professionalism requires practical teaching guides from aspiring masters to students from time to time with live projects, people use these opportunities to organize merchandize seminars and webinars that squash hundreds of thousands of dollars to the SEO and content marketing industry.

Some bloggers also use these advantages to make a lot of fortune from desperate beginners.

Fortunately, this post solves the problem and tackles the most important and difficult aspects of building authority websites with the following list;

Help anyone create an authority website and focus on quality contents and online promotion to yield residual income within short time.

Let me tell you a small short story about myself and why I wrote this post.

My name is Stephen Aidoo. I am an African from Ghana. I am a programmer and a blogger. I struggled in the programming world for years just to understand the concept of programming from functions to classes to libraries, polymorphisms and all those big hectic programming language jargons and projects.

For some reasons, I have create blogs and websites with pseudo names that has made great impact, financially in my life and family and indirectly in other people’s lives as well.

The passion and inquisitiveness I developed towards computers led me to this blogging domain. I built software with asp.net language which I used to send around with the office to office marketing technique.

I made reasonable amount of money from my software and still do. At a point in time, I decided to build websites because I found it fascinating and loved it.

I started learning html, css, css3, JavaScript, jQuery, php, Photoshop, php, asp.net applications, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many more online programming techniques and tutorials.

My favorite is now php, asp.net applications and the almighty WordPress.

I think I am now staying with WordPress because it makes my programming world very easy, convenient and speed everything up for me.

This post is written for anyone who can read and write. It will also be great for people with programming backgrounds, but not entirely required.

I wrote authority spider to help people struggling with website creation to succeed well. Especially the profit making aspect.

I started practicing search engine optimization (SEO) or the rules and tactics to manipulate or tell Google to catapult websites or online articles to the first positions between 2011 and 2013.

And if I should elaborate a little about (S.E.O). Simply, it is the techniques of optimizing your website and articles with the rules resources to attract search engines to rank your pages to the top positions of their index or result pages.
Or, S.E.O helps your website to reach the top position of Google searched pages which generate traffic, which also brings you more profits.

During 2011 and 2013, it was easier for me to rank articles to the top positions with researched targeted keywords.  

I made good money from AdSense and the Amazon Affiliate Program. AdSense and Amazon Affiliate are the advertising platforms which I used to earn money from the traffic or visitors I got from the websites and pages I created.

I was using the niche site approach. The niche site technique was using keyword research techniques, buying the domain name and hosting, launching the website and putting about 10 to 15 short articles with not more than 800 words but with the right keywords.

With small effort of using Backlinking techniques and other keyword researching as well as Blackhat techniques (Blackhat is wrong manipulation of article writing and wrong backlink techniques that somehow tricks search engines to rank a website’s page to the top position), it was moderately easy to make money online with normal writing background and SEO skills.

Within two years, I made thousands of dollars and enjoyed well investing and buying other niche websites.

This easier approach and comfort zone of reaching an article to either the first or second position with Blackhat techniques was shattered after many series and updates from Google's algorithm, making these tactics less effective and finally dissipating entirely.

The average niche website creator wouldn’t take it lightly if they really wanted to make real money online after these Google updates.

After 2013 I had no choice but to find other profitable ideas. I discovered another strategy from Private Blog Networks (P.B.N's).

The techniques from PBN's were very effective from 2013 to 2014 and early 2015 until Google emerged again with a new operation, OPERATION PBN (my naming version).

This strike was an uppercut blow to my financial jaws because I invested a quarter of my assets including precious time into building PBN links.
Not forgetting the registration and payments I made to these private blogs and the articles published.

Google somehow discovered these backlink strategies and killed me softly DE indexing these private blog networks making my blogs invisible.

After the sudden announcement of Spencer Haws’s famous statement “GOOGLE YOU WON” at nichepursuits.com, I finally gave up to every Blackhat technique. I gave up from PBN to expired domains to all unwise seo practices.

Man is bound to survive at all cost if perseverance and determination is never abandoned. I never gave up.

With the intense knowledge again in keyword research and my information technology background from the National Institute of Information Technology, an Indian institution, I once again gained momentum with a different and proper approach, followed the best and right strategies and came back to my comfort zone making thousands again.

I was therefore compelled to follow the right and long-term procedure. These strategies are what I tackle in this post.

The core rule and concept in this post is to build anyone to create an authority website which will stand the test of time as Google keeps on updating their search engine.
This post is based on questions like: What is the right approach and how does this post become a solution to combat all Google’s future updates as well as building websites is concern?

With the approach of building a profitable website, Google’s updates are like a surveillance system aimed at bloggers and site builders trying to use any Blackhat technique.

If you are new to the term Google Update, Google update is the software updates on their giant search engine, against any Blackhat, spam or wrong process to help a website or article reach the top position of the search engine’s database or index.

It is also the code that help websites with quality contents and the right techniques get exposed and attract more traffic. This post also answers the following questions.

·        How do you make money online with building websites?
·        How do you prepare your mind both emotionally and psychologically to sustain yourself and build an online empire?
·        How do you promote your site and build backlinks following the Google’s algorithm and activate a style that perpetually corresponds to any search engine’s future algorithms and updates?
·        How can anyone push an article to the front position of search engines with the right SEO techniques?

So the main goal is to teach the reader to launch websites with a faster approach yet effective, so real profit and online domination can be achieved.

All the above questions are summed up to the main question; what is the right and fastest way to make money online with writing and creating websites?
Authority spider is greatly indebted to Spencer Haws, Brain Dean and Neil Patel. 
Spencer Haws from nichepursuits.com with his powerful blog made a concrete foundation to my website content strategy that is building authority blogs and sites.

Spencer's theory of building project sites from scratch is a great way but adding the spider technique from this post will add a light-years speed to reaching these online goals especially when seeking great conversion rates.

Brian Dean’s backlinko.com radical approach in building links is a core ingredient to achieving the spider technique. However, by establishing a strong psychological mind to arrive at a great and quality content is very essential.

This is why I lay more emphasis on the psychology of building backlinks. By using Brian Dean’s strategy and not having a great and quality content attached is like planning a great wedding, inviting higher dignitaries and surprising them with a fight between the bride and the groom.

No matter how high and strong a backlink or page juice may be, if they are not linked to a great content, your website is a time bomb waiting to explode or disappear at the next Google update. 

Introducton to Authority Spider